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Five Minute Weekend Makeup

Five Minute Weekend Makeup

This weekend I timed my quick and easy makeup routine - it takes me exactly five minutes. Whether I’m running errands or meeting friends, I like to look somewhat put together….so these products work well for me!

Check out some of my favorite products for a low-maintenance look:


Sunscreen, always.

My favorite tinted moisturizer. (I wear Bliss in the Winter and Glow in the Summer)

My new favorite multi stick perfect for lips and cheeks. ( I have A Fine Romance)

That glow, though.


Perfect chocolate brown eyeliner for my green eyes. (Color is Barbarella Brown)

Quick wash of shadow. (Love Thessalonique)

Eyebrow pencil, the best I’ve tried. (Taupe is my match)

Clear brow gel…an under-rated simple, yet effective step.

Mascara….one of my all-time faves.

That’s it!

Also linking my new gold necklace    here   !

Also linking my new gold necklace here!

The Perfect Summer Denim

The Perfect Summer Denim