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End of Summer Skincare Guide

End of Summer Skincare Guide

I have been on the road pretty much ALL of August (I have seriously had a trip each week) and am really glad this month is coming to an end. The many hours spent flying the not-so friendly skies has left my skin in kind of rough shape. Three work trips + 5 days at the beach has my skin super dry and dehydrated....and I have been using ALL the products to get it back to normal.

As we head into Labor Day Weekend I thought I would share some of my skincare saviors. I like to take this end-of-summer / beginning of Fall time period to repair some of the damage done over the summer and get my skin back in working order. PS: If you're a VIB (Beauty Insider) at Sephora, you can save 15% from today until Sept 3 with code YESVIB. Shop my favorites below! 

Vitamin C Serum

My holy-grail day serum for over a year now (I just ordered my fourth bottle). This super-potent powerhouse is a bit of a cult product, and for good reason! Slather this stuff on every morning under your sunscreen for a powerful dose of antioxidants, increased luminosity and reduced dark spots/signs of aging. Every dermatologist would agree that the three things your routine needs are Vitamin C and sunscreen in the AM + Retinol at night (see below). The fact that these particular products are CLEAN is also important to me.  

Professional 3% Retinoid

I take it kind of easy with retinols during the summer months because they can increase photosensitivity (your skin's sensitivity to the sun). However, I just ordered this new one to try and am excited because it has great reviews and looks to be pretty potent. As I mentioned above, I really think everyone should be using a retinol product to help combat the signs of aging. I'm starting to notice some fine lines on my forehead and I plan to see if this makes any difference. My one piece of advice here would be start small; only use a few non-consecutive nights a week to begin to see how your skin reacts. Once you've acclimated you can slowly increase usage until you're up to nightly. Follow with a moisturizing oil/serum/cream as your skin may also be a little flaky/irritated at first. I love this nourishing oil and use it every day/night. Also, you MUST wear a high SPF every day when using retinols/retinoids.

Moisturizing Mask

I finally caved and ordered this much-hyped about mask. I normally try to avoid falling into the social media product frenzy and like to invest in truly hard-working products. However, this pretty tube actually has excellent reviews, so I finally feel compelled to test it out for myself. Thanks to Sephora's awesome return policy I know I can return it if it doesn't live up to it's reputation. I plan to wear it on my next flight to reap some of the reported benefits and I will definitely report back! 

The Ultimate Everyday Sunscreen

Have you been searching for the perfect sunscreen to wear every day under makeup? Well, I have tried a LOT of brands/versions, and I think I've finally found THE ONE. Don't just take it from me, though - check out the hundreds of five-star reviews, too. After going through several samples of this I just ordered the full size to see me through the Fall. I have truly never used a sunscreen that is 1) completely clear, leaving no whitish cast and 2) goes on so smoothly under makeup. It almost acts as a primer under foundation; the consistency is quite amazing. I love, love this and I think you will, too. 

That about does it for my end-of-summer skincare roundup. Let me know if you have used any of these products or if you have something else to recommend! 

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