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#NSale Beauty Buys

#NSale Beauty Buys

I'm sure you've heard by now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full effect over the next several weeks. I actually really dislike the premise of the sale (pushing winter coats while it's still 100 degrees outside) and tend to roll my eyes at the bloggers wearing sweaters right now, but I will admit I DO typically take advantage of the great prices and stock up on a few items I use regularly (although I maintain it's too early to buy sweaters).

I am a Nordstrom card holder so I was able to shop the sale starting last week, so I wanted to share what I picked up and some of my favorite items in the beauty category. Early Access goes until July 19, and then the sale opens to the public. Here are my picks:

* This palette by Charlotte Tilbury. I love her makeup line and think she has really nice products. This is a terrific deal considering just one bronzer/highlighter combo runs for the same price normally.

* This is another beautiful palette perfect for travel. I find the quality of this brand to be quite good and the colors look gorgeous for a variety of skin tones.

* This Diptyque candle set. I typically stock up on these for Christmas gifts for the girls on my team at work (I divide and give one to each gal). I may keep Tuberose, however - my all-time fave. Shhhh.

* If you need sunscreen for the pool/beach....THIS is my favorite brand and you get one can free in this awesome set. I also love THIS sunscreen hand cream to keep by the front door to protect your hands from the sun.

* I also picked up this 5 candle set to divide and give to the teachers at my girls' schools this holiday season. Each one comes to ~$5; you can't beat that price per candle.

* I didn't get this but am intrigued by this "skin rejuvenating pillowcase." I already have a silk pillowcase and highly recommend for wrinkle someone please get this and share your thoughts.

* Lastly, this is a great deal on my favorite self-tanner. 

I'm planning on sharing a few more picks in different categories so let me know if there is anything you want me to sift through for you! 




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